What it takes for a classy website design; skilled eyes!

What it takes for a classy website design; skilled eyes!

Websites today are becoming the first line of communication with your prospective customers and sometimes they turns out to be the entire gateway of the business being materialized. As the importance of digital communication within marketing gets stronger and stronger, requirement of having a strong digital face is becoming the prime most requirements. Due to the fact that each market segment is coming up with better digital portfolios, competition for business available online is fierce. A classy website showcasing the portfolio of the business owners is becoming more and more essential.

Subtle UI Tricks with Clean Simplicity

If it comes to us at The Web Creatives, then blending subtle UI tricks with clean simplicity should be the key. Websites, brand identity, digital products, and visual communication are all areas our team tends to inhabit. The sites should convey the creative energy and professionalism in a very wilful as well as playful manner. Sprawling photo-laden pages, looping SVG animations, showcasing the products or projects in first glimpse are the things not to be missed out.

Being just responsive is not enough

Being just responsive on the pages is no longer enough now. Cascading streams of fairly large aspect JPGs neatly and responsively stacked – works the best to ensure the experience looking equally wonderful on tablet and mobile both.

Image Rich Websites

On modern, image-rich websites, it has become vital for content to consistently look good. Therefore as a web-designer based out in New Delhi, we try and ensure that page images render as beautifully as possible on a myriad of devices and resolutions.

Visible Appeal

What we further prefer is the fact that typographically the sites should be economical with words and should better be equipped with punchy and fairly direct selling statements.

Heavenly Balance Between Colour and White Spaces

Colour should largely be confined to the imagery throughout, leaning towards timeless standards of crisp white space and subtle grey shaded panels to make break things up. Maintaining a proper white space ensures that the resulting design is going to be highly refreshing and yet simple. This also provides a great lesson as why timeless taste never goes out of style.

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