Web Trends for 2016, will it be the year of mobile again?

Web Trends for 2016, will it be the year of mobile again?

Will 2016 finally be the year when mobile seriously steps into the breach and gives desktop the heave-ho?
It is not so often that a new web technology reaches the consciousness of the web designers and when ever it does, it is always considered as the next big thing.

Talking about the big thing in Web Designing, name of HTML5 and CSS3 are bound to be mentioned as they become a buzzword immediately. Though they generated lot of excitement and expectation but none actually fulfilled the due potential until years after the initial furore. It is still a topic of argument that these techs are still require to evolve. They are still an essential part of everyday design and development.

Is the year 2016 finally be the year in the history of web development that mobile serves its true potential? 2015 was clearly the year that saw mobile visitors surpassing the desktop visit trends.

According to figure from emarketer.com the internet will have 3.5 billion users by 2017. Mobile is indispensible and the reasons are different at different places. As the African continent massively outweighs desktop by as much as 65 per cent. Why? Mainly due to the lack of infrastructure and desktop computer access. In the UK the percentage of desktop use comes in at just over 60 per cent and mobile usage at just under 40 per cent.

Other important factor that drives usage from mobile is technology. Fast internet connectivity plays important role in driving high quality videos on mobile. So 4G is the answer and new Wi-Fi standards will also add to improved experiences.

So what about HTML5? In mobile terms it is still immature and poses a security risk. It has a way to go, but it will be the answer to delivering apps on multiple platforms.

Wearables are going to play a new vital role and they are not really far. These will be part of mobile experience as they interact with apps to deliver information in new ways. Mobile experience is going to reach towards a new horizon of wearables, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. May be mobile technology will take a new shape which could be one major leap ahead in a different direction but not mobile.?

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