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We Are Hiring!

An agency is effectively only as good as the people it employs. What qualities do TWC look for in a prospective employee and what advice would they give to anyone looking to take a step into the industry? We are always on the lookout for exceptional creative people. We look for proactive people who show us what they can do. We love it when applicants write in and include examples of what they have made or created – design is very subjective but when someone’s ‘got it’ it’s usually pretty obvious from the get go.

We Look for Creative Thinkers..!

We look for creative thinkers, people who can come up with creative solutions to technological problems. It’s really important that new starters are a good fit culturally as well. We are a friendly and fun bunch, but we are all really passionate about only putting out really high quality work – people need to be able to understand that dynamic. One bit of advice would be for students: they need to put their own stamp on their portfolios – we can tell straight away if it’s a piece of work set by their uni or college. You need to stand out to get noticed.

For students we still need to imply the fact that for us also finding the right people is a challenge in itself.

Often when we advertise for a junior post we will get a lot of people apply that have a good design book and can use the basic tools, but they lack the extra creativity we are looking for. We want to see that people have used the skills that institutes have taught them, but then have thought creatively about how they can use those skills and tools. These are the creative selfstarters we are looking for.

You can send your detailed resumes at info@thewebcreatives.com

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