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Stop Trying to Impress Your Peers

Web designers can make the mistakes of creating websites with too much of an eye on impressing other web designers, rather than luring in potential clients. It’s an easy trap to fall into, leaving you with a website that is inscrutable to the layman and useless as a marketing tool.

Web design agencies building their own showcase websites or while working on some potential projects must always walk that fine line between building a website which will impress and engage potential clients and building a website that will only impress other web designers. Major factor of option selection is always kept as “Appeal” being the baseline, which gives the “Workability” a complete miss.

Putting together a website that is simple and unfussy, but designed to have enough fireworks to dazzle browsing clientele without leaving them completely intimidated is not only the key to a success but is the need of the hour as well.

While going through various websites you will notice a mix of websites showing some neat parallax effects or showcasing few sections that bursts into life with colour-changing backgrounds. But finding a true blend of features all together are still exceptional.

Your strong objective should always be to setup impressive CSS trickery to create an impression of something happening which actually isn’t.

For example, while it may appear that a single line of scrolling text is changing colour, in fact there are two lines of scrolling text, one on top of the other, strategically set to appear and disappear at concurrent points. It is actually a very clever piece of trickery when you think it through and understand the method. And it raises an interesting point about how we should approach CSS animations and effects.

Sometimes you don’t have to figure out how to make a particular HTML effect or animation work. Sometimes you are better off figuring out how to simply make it look like it’s working. Sure, an element scrolling into frame on page-load is actually scrolling into frame. That’s a simple e ect to achieve. But if you are striving to create an e ect that is more complex, don’t rule out the possibility of trying di erent techniques that create the illusion of the e ect, rather than the e ect itself. It’s not cheating to use a little trickery, the e ect is just as good and it may just make your work a little simpler.


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