Latest Trends in Modern Web Designing

Latest Trends in Modern Web Designing

Rather like the clothing or fashion industry, the fashions of modern web design is ever changing. More the reason, why the best designs tend to adopt a timeless sense of style. This helps to avoid any outlandish aesthetics that date too early. There is then a real synergy with this classy brochure-like website staying online for such a long time. Classy timeless designs are in  synonymous with a philosophy of “fashion changes but style remains”.

Another focus area suggested is that the content is kept concise and focused around cohesive “lookbooks”. It does not dare bombard visitors with too many options, clouding their accessibility. Intuitive navigation with a pop-out panel menu or via a footer enables deeper delving into wider options or reads available. Designs of this nature provides immense amount of comfort towards the site navigation.

Latest Trends in Web Designing Moreover, the recent trend in web development is “mobile-first approach” which means sites are to be built around pure minimal graphics basis. The approach in other turn helps the brand and its products to stand out.

Animate page elements using the Velocity.js UI pack

Apply more simplified, slicker and app-like motion effects with a JavaScript library employed beautifully by Velocity.js is a JavaScript library
or plugin for applying effects and transitions to HTML page elements. Written by NameLayer founder and web programming guru Julian Shapiro, the plugin behaves just like jQuery’s $.animate() function while offering performance gains. A special UI Pack provides rapid access to an array of motion effects, which we will be using to observe a few quick animations.

Callout Effects

One of the best aspect of the Velocity UI pack is range of callout effects, used to subtle motion to call user attention. This is great for prompting data from the user.

The True Responsive Designs

Needless to say that this is the time for true responsive designs, typography and HTML5 animated content. With more gadgets available for browsing, it is primordial to rethink UID. We have seen responsive typography and images but it will be truly on the rise this year. We will also see parallax being taken to new highs and dimensions.


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