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Emerging Trends in Responsive Layouts & Designs

We’ve had some major understanding and respective adjustments when it came to looking at a website over a desktop computer to a hand held device. Starting from feature rich websites switching over to a PDA version of the same, evolving into the responsive designs today that adjusts themselves over the device is a great leap and achievement in itself towards the direction of visitor’s comfort.

After responsive, I assume the focus is shifting to rediscover the performance. The topic is over discussed and almost at the both side of websites (developers and site visitors) agrees to some extent that performance of pages is a concern that makes a great amount of deal. Requirement of the ability to tune images based upon devices or serving environment is going to make a great deal of difference.

There are already growing efforts on the lines of tune up are in progress from markup angle and JavaScript angle both. It’s really the time when performance issues are required to be looked upon. Have you ever thought that this could be the only reason of such high bounce rate of your website on a mobile device or may be on desktop as well.

Growing retina displays makes us want to hand over high definition images and support for range of web fonts but the price users pay in terms of performance could be steep. It is quite often now that you tap on a link, just to give up a minute or two and then realize the only thing that comes up yet is either some basic border or few small images. So despite having a 4G connection the user is still browsing your website at the user experience of a dial-up connection.

Realizing that this is a major problem, we decided a consolidated approach towards empathetic designs. The designs that are there not just to impress the user or win annual design awards but instead designing with a complete awareness towards the usability of the pages in itself across the devices and connectivity.

Smart CSS, assumption of user’s frame of mind while browsing the website, time required to load the page are just a few considerations while going for the design. Not only that there also arises the requirement of responsive images with the ability to tune the images we serve for the browsing environment.

It is therefore the time has come to unlearn everything you know about web layout and pick up a whole new and much better set of tools.


JP Singh

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