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Our consistent pitching keeps the agency sharp and brings new insights & ideas to learn. It is also great to outperform the competition.

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As a calling card, an agency’s website is often the first point of contact with a new client. Our website should convey what we stand for and the quality that we are going to deliver.

Story to Idea

We love to translate a story into an idea, and then translate the idea to an engaging user experience through our production. With all the necessary specialists that work together at TWC we can achieve a cutting edge production within a relatively short time.

Passion over Experience

At TWC we hire for passion, not for experience. We always look for the team player that is broadly oriented within the industry and wants to be the best in field.

Responsive Mobile Approach

Across all of our websites we work with responsive designs from a mobile-first approach. We’ve been seeing mobile traffic grow for years now. Therefore, all products that we develop need that mobile-first approach.

Aroma of Freshness in our work

As an agency that is upcoming and has a huge potential, what does the future hold for TWC as a Design Associate? The answer is We expect to both expand and diversify. The digital revolution has only just begun and we believe that our best days are yet to come!

It is difficult to define an agency like TWC, as it strives to be different with its approach to each brief, but also how the philosophy within the company has developed. Just as the digital space is rapidly evolving, so TWC remains on the bleeding edge of design.

We do, however, have a strong preference for a client who understands the ‘what’ of technology. Understanding the ‘what’ of technology means that you put customer experience at the heart of your transformation – from the outside in. They keep on innovating – it’s never over.  Every improvement to the digital customer experience will open up new possibilities to improve the way they do business. Clients who understand the ‘what’ of technology often have a digital culture with a strong overarching digital vision.